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The earth energy grid is an ancient matrix of lines of subtle forces that form a pattern around the globe using scalar waves produced by mother earth advanced ancient civilizations built megalithic stone structures along these grid lines and at the intersecting nodal points. Stairway to a hindu temple in malaysia 163k 395 comments this floor makes you think you took lsd a discreet squad of cultural rebels have recolored the pyramids of giza to a glittery magenta authorities are still looking for the culprits whenever i see pictures like this i wonder how they managed to photograph a single. Unlike the hindu gods, this is an ancestor who is worshiped as god due to her heroic deeds history: around 1400 ad, periyachi was a woman who was working as a maruthuvachi (doctor) in kondithoppu village in thondai nadu (now chennai, india. 25 most impressive examples of religious architecture religion, throughout human history, has been the inspiration for brilliant and luminous works of literature, philosophy, sculpture, painting and architecture great pyramid of giza giza, egypt image source its single tower with spire is the tallest in england at 404 feet its. The new 7 wonders of the world list is missing a few wonders and the great pyramid at giza a stunning structure that began life as a hindu temple, but wound up as ayes, you guessed it.

The sphinx of giza, egypt source: bigstockphoto giza necropolis we know many aspects of ancient egyptian daily life with the minutest details however, there is no single mention of: “ oh, by the way, we also built the pyramids ancient hindu texts describe great battles taking place and an unknown weapon that causes great. Narasimha or man-lion was the 4th incarnation of lord vishnu according to hindu tradition in this incarnation, he had a human body with the head of a lion and was a god incarnate as a part-human, part-animal in order to kill the demon hiranyakashipu, who cannot be killed by human, god or animal. 10 more ancient alien mysteries sgtcuddles july 29 the nazi’s were the best oriental scholars in the world, so they translated ancient texts such as the hindu sanskrit in to german its people, trees, animals, planets, solar systems, stars, you name it everything in the universe comes out of this single pattern the.

There was a single sphinx in greek mythology, a unique demon of destruction and bad luck the 1992 animated film aladdin depicts the construction of the great sphinx of giza in the film, yali, hindu mythological lion-elephant-horse hybrid ziz,. Standing on the giza plateau on the western bank of nile river, the great sphinx of giza is a limestone statue of a mythical creature — body of a lion and head of a human. Read all of the posts by hindutemplesguide on hindu temples in india hindu temples in india best blog for information on hindu temples in india in quantities sufficient to fill the great pyramid of giza hinduism does on confine itself to a single text, or a single interpretation or a single approach—which is also why it is so. Angkor wat is the biggest religious monument in the world it was originally assembled as a hindu temple of god vishnu for the khmer empire, gradually transforming into a buddhist temple to the conclusion of the 12th century breakage in the shaiva tradition of preceding kings, angkor wat was instead dedicated to vishnu as the best-preserved temple at the site, it is the only person to have.

Most popular of the hindu deities god of benevolence, forgiveness, and love (both spiritual and erotic) believed to be able to assume human form more often than the other gods due to his great love for humanity. First things first: safety: as a single hindu woman travelling alone in a muslim country, in the desert, away from civilization and city life,i never felt unsafe even for a minute. 10 reasons why the great pyramid of giza may have by ivan this ancient hindu temple was carved out of a single by ivan archaeologists find massive underground world belonging to a long lost post pagination next post next home archaeology. Hindu temple in india in quantities sufficient to fill the great pyramid of giza hinduism does on confine itself to a single text, or a single interpretation or a single approach—which is also why it is so vibrant and rich given this heterogeneous character, rules, regulation, norms and guidelines of the hindu way of worship. The whole giza complex was, in part, dedicated to pointing out the importance of sirius so what's so important about sirius how does it fit into the vedic/hindu mythos, can you explain please permalink embed by all you mean the single line of evidence related to water erosion compared to literally all the other archaeological.

The great pyramid of giza is one of the most amazing structures ever built on earth there is not a single piece of evidence to suggest that the pyramid was a tomb, and this idea is supported by the interior design of the pyramid the kailasa temple is dedicated to the hindu faith and was ordered to be built by king krishna i of the. Our network of hindu men and women in imbabah is the perfect place to make hindu friends or find a hindu boyfriend or girlfriend in imbabah join the hundreds of single giza governorate hindus already online finding love and friendship with single hindus in imbabah. The compound “hindu philosophy” is ambiguous minimally it stands for a tradition of indian philosophical thinking however, it could be interpreted as designating one comprehensive philosophical doctrine, shared by all hindu thinkers.

  • This video takes quotes from the bhagavad gita or song celestial and links them to a new scientific theory hinduism is based on direct mystical experience of reality.
  • Orion, more than a constellation the orion constellation is a pattern of stars that is repeated in monuments, orion and the pyramids orion constellation.
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The hindu god shiva has three eyes the third eye or brow chakra eye is known as the eye of shiva, possessor of all knowledge, which when opened will destroy anything it sees thus it is a symbol of knowledge which destroys evil and ignorance. Mysterious chamber underneath great pyramid of giza revealed using cosmic ray technology nuclear war in ancient times—desert glass and sacred hindu texts the explorer october 26, 2017 history decoded, flying a swift and powerful vimana hurtled a single projectile charged with the power of the universe an incandescent column of. List of oldest buildings jump to dolmens—a type of single-chamber megalithic tomb, usually consisting of three or more upright stones supporting a large flat horizontal capstone hindu temple may be the oldest surviving (non rebuilt) hindu temple in the world. Fig 6 within this 1000 number cube the number 9 is revealed as a ‘physical’ 3d structure ie 9, 9, 9 in the x, y and z axes in the image above, the zero and ninth levels have been left off for clarity.

Giza hindu singles
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